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Very Brady Guests

Hope Juber

Hope Juber is Brady Bunch royalty! She is an actress, singer/songwriter, Emmy nominated Producer. Hope is the daughter of The Brady Bunch & Gilligan’s Island creator; Sherwood Schwartz. She sits down with Tach & Jimmy as they discuss growing up on the set of The Brady Bunch & Gilligan’s Island, Hope’s lifelong love of The Beatles and the impact they had on her life and what’s in store for the future. 

Hope has appeared in four episodes of The Brady Bunch, most notably as Greg's drive-in date with Bobby's frogs! 

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 9.21.51 PM.png

Ron Canniff

Ron Canniff hosted his own Miami Dolphins fan podcast called UnSquish the Fish. Ron currently hosts 2 sports podcast called Next Fan Up & PhinManiacs and is currently in development in the rebirth of The Twisted Ten podcast. Ron is a mortgage loan officer out of the Florida Space Coast.

Ron can be heard on episodes:

S:1/E:1-The Honeymoon


Jimmy Klein

Jimmy Klein co-hosted T'aint Funny with Tach Van Sickle and co-founded Attack Films with Tach, as well. Jimmy currently does a podcast with his daughter entitled Kids & Adults Alike. Jimmy is also a professional photographer and runs Jimmy Klein Photography.

Jimmy can be heard on episode:

S:1/E:2 "Dear Libby"

S:1/E:8 "A Camping We Will Go"

S:1/E:17 "The Undergraduate"

S:1/E:20 "Brace Yourself"

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Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 8.23.37 AM.png

Clay Groves

 Clay Groves is the host of Fish Nerds podcast and is obsessed with fish and best known for a quest (with former host Dave Kellam) in 2011 to catch and eat every kind of freshwater fish in New Hampshire. After catching and eating 48 species of fish and ending the epic quest, he could not stop talking about the adventures or the fishy people met along the way. Thus, the podcast was born.  The style has been described as a cross between NPR’s Car Talk and the Tonight Show Night (Fallon, not Leno).

Clay can be heard on:

 S:1/E:4-Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore


Brent Hand

Brent is an award-winning podcast producer, host, speaker, and researcher for his work on Hysteria 51. He is passionate about taking people on a journey beyond their standard realm of knowledge. His love for the “world of the weird” has been described as contagious, entertaining and informative. He has a knack for presenting concepts related to aliens, conspiracies, and the paranormal in an amusing, often irresistible, and typically educational way to help people gain a better understanding of these topics while staying engaged.

Brent can be heard on the episode:

S:1/E:3-Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy


Lisa Hand

Lisa, or "Producer Lisa" on the hit podcast, Hysteria 51, pretends to not believe any of this, but secretly hopes it is all true.  The concept of “Space and Time” confuses her, but so does Joe Peck so it is a moot point.  She spends her free time traveling with Brent, or with her dogs watching British Melodrama. Her favorite food is chocolate but she is allergic because fate is a cruel, cruel bastard.

Lisa can be heard on the episode:

S:1/E:3-Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy

S:1/E:14-Father of the Year

Doc Martin

Dr. Erika Martin is featured in “The Doctor is In,” which is a segment on the Fish Nerds podcast that does a deep dive in into the biological, ecological and cultural aspects of a specific fish species. Doc Martin holds a PhD in biology from Kansas State University where her research focused on prairie stream fishes.

Doc Martin can be heard on the episode:

S:1/E:6-A Clubhouse is not a Home

Chris Revill.jpg

Chris Revill

Chris Revill has been podcasting since 2013. Host/producer of Let's Chat! with Chris Revill has been featured on iTunes top 100 comedy podcast on iTunes, Huffington Post and Vulture. Chris has guests from the world of entertainment, technology, podcasting, comedy and more.

Chris can be heard on the episode:

S:1/E:7-Kitty-Karry-All is Missing

Kaitlyn Klein

Kaitlyn Klein is the brain child (literally) & host behind the podcast “Kids and Adults Alike”.  She has also created a handful of YouTube videos and is also an amateur photographer.  Kaitlyn has done photography for a couple of businesses around the Melbourne, Florida area! She is also the daughter of Jimmy Klein!

Kaitlyn can be heard on:

S:1/E:8-A Camping We Will Go


Christopher De Voss

One of the hosts of Podcast 42. (The one with the "muppet voice".) He's also a creative director at Podfix Podcast Network. Freelance writer and an unpaid spokesmodel for Bubly. Also most likely to need a hug.


Christopher can be heard on:

S:1/E:9- Sorry Right Number

Anthony Hayes

Anthony Hayes is an author, podcaster, and blogger. Hayes is a member of the International Association for Internet Broadcasters and also the co-founder of the Podcast Discovery Center. His early life accolades include competing on a national level in martial arts, custom car building, and traveling the world as a professional DJ and break dancer. 

Anthony can be heard on:

S:1/E:10-Every Boy Does it Once

mR. Holiday.jpg

Mr. Holiday

Mr. Holiday is the host of My Worst Holiday podcast. He is joined by his co-host as they welcome guests to talk about their worst, funny or even most embarrassing stories they have! 

Mr. Holiday can be heard on:

S:1/E:11-Vote For Brady

Mary Zimmer

Mary Zimmer is a metal vocalist originally from Wisconsin who now resides in Las Vegas, NV. Mary has is the current vocalist for the melodic metal band Helion Prime (AFM Records). Previously Mary has been the vocalist for the bands Luna Mortis (Century Media Records), White Empress (Peaceville Records) and Santa Marta. Mary is a session vocalist and vocal coach. She’s founder of the Voicehacks brand and host of VoiceHacks by Mary Z on YouTube and The Voicehacks Podcast. 

Mary can be heard on:

S:1/E:12-The Voice of Christmas


Ray Walden

Ray, or “Assistant Ray” has been helping with the hit show “Hysteria 51” during live events and as being their research assistant. He is also the social media manager at ForthHand Media. On his downtime he listens to podcasts.

Ray can be heard on:

S:1/E:15-54-40 and Fight

Lee Errett

Lee Errett is a retail manager and a part time Teddy bear surgeon with literally one surgery under his belt. He is world renowned at this point for creating the best tracheotomies that a bear can ask for. By night he is one of the CO hosts of the wildly unpopular show Beyond Terrestrial Podcast. A member of the Forthhand media network. Alongside him, co-host Dan Martson delve into the strange the macabre the conspiratorial and the all around supernatural. Every Terrestrial Tuesday which for the layman is every other Tuesday. We take a look beyond what you can see touch taste and feel to try to get to the bottom of these unexplained phenomenon. Come join us as we fall into ridiculous rabbit holes learn almost nothing and pretty much just waste an hour of time. Or give him a call if your Teddy ever needs a new breathing tube. 

Lee can be heard on:

S:1/E:16-Mike's Horror-Scope


Dan Martson

Dan Martson is a native Idahoan transplanted to the suburbs of Jackson, Mississippi. To keep his sanity while working as a stay at home dad he joined up with Lee Errett to tell insane stories on the Beyond Terrestrial podcast. Dedicated to the strange, the macabre, the conspiratorial and all things supernatural Beyond Terrestrial drops every other Tuesday. When he isn't story telling on a pod or chasing kids, Dan can be found hamming it up at karaoke nights or sneaking his Jeopardy champion trivia skills into a local pub quiz for the free drinks.

Dan can be heard on:

S:1/E:18-"Tiger, Tiger"

Brandon McFadden

Brandon Scott McFadden Host of Happy Horror Coffee Break (old time horror radio show) in character as Dr. Boris Talbot Orlok, an exiled unfunny comedian turned mad comedy scientist that takes creepypasta stories and has them acted out in the style of old timey radio dramas, along with his unhelpful robot assistant Eeris. The show has been described as “A Svengoolie knock-off hosting an episode of Space Ghost coast to coast trying to do an episode of MST3K, but instead vomiting”.

Brandon can be heard on:

S:1/E:19 "The Big Sprain"


Kimberly Potts

Kimberly Potts is a TV & pop culture journalist who has written for Entertainment Weekly, Vulture, The Hollywood Reporter, TV guide, The Los Angeles Times, Yahoo, Variety, People.com, US Weekly, E! Online, Thrillist, Esquire.com, AOL, Movies.com and The Wrap Up. She has recently released her book "The Way We All Became The Brady Bunch". Kimberly also co-hosts the Pop Literacy & #Authoring podcasts.

Kimberly can be heard on:

S:1/E:21 "The Hero"

Lauren Passell

Lauren is the founder of Tink Media, a podcast PR company and co-founder of Lasso Audio, an agency and management company for podcasters. She also writes for The Bello Collective and is the curator of Podcast The Newsletter. Lauren currently lives with her husband and her cat, Monty in New York City. 

Lauren can be heard on:

S:1/E:22 "The Possible Dream"

IMG_4134 (4).JPG

Leslie Jo

Leslie Jo is a stand up comedian and an events planner around the Central Florida area and can also  be heard as a co-host on Tidbits Podcast. 

Leslie can be heard on:

S:1/E:23 "To Move or Not to Move"

John Goforth

John has been an audio nerd since birth. It is said he came out of the womb with earbuds on (ok, they were Walkman headphones). His passion for audio storytelling and the business side of the…business manifests in both his career and his hobbies. His day job is in the podcast world where he’s led podcast monetization strategy for major media companies, headed audience growth for some of the largest shows in the ecosystem, and even built and led sales teams. Currently he’s Head of Sales and Business Development at Magellan AI. His night job however, is where his creativity shines. He co-founded, co-hosts, and writes the podcast Hysteria 51 while concurrently working on other projects. His spare time is spent with his wife, Stacy, and son, Lincoln (who really likes the park and Korean food), rooting for the Detroit Lions (it’s a punishing hobby), boxing (less punishing than being a Lions fan), and writing (he’s penned 1 ½ books he swears will never see the light of day).

John can be heard on:

S:1/E:24 The Grass is Always Greener

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