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The Hosts

Tach and Jimmy are lifelong friends and grew up together in Brevard County, FL. The pair met back in middle school in the 80's. The way they finish each other's jokes and their comedic banter, you can tell is built on their 35 year friendship.


Tach has guest spotted on the following shows:


Jimmy Klein

Jimmy Klein is also no stranger to podcasting. He co-hosted the T'aint Funny podcast with Tach as well as co-hosted a podcast with his 10 year old daughter, Kaitlyn called Kids & Adults Alike. He is married and has 3 kids, 2 boys & a girl. Jimmy is also a professional photographer, filmmaker & YouTube content creator.  Jimmy Klein is also co-owner of Attack Films.

Jimmy Klein has guest spotted on the following shows:


Tach Van Sickle

Tach is no stranger to podcasting. He has hosted or co-hosted many different shows such as T'aint Funny, Living Podcariously & The Twisted Ten. Tach is also a father of twin girls & a sonHe is a singer/musician and does a lot of metal music YouTube collaborations. Tach has also started a film production company with lifelong friend, Jimmy Klein called Attack Films

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