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Why I Started a Brady Bunch Themed Podcast.

I am a creative person. I have to be creative every single day or else it drives me crazy. I've done podcasts in the past and I have always enjoyed doing them. Unfortunately, I had to recently move away from Florida to Virginia. I don't really know anybody here and I have been sitting idle for far too long. I just needed to be doing something creative. I had gone back and forth on different ideas from a YouTube web series to a podcasts. I just couldn't decide on what the topic could be.

I find myself to pass time watching streaming television. I love television. I found that I was watching vintage tv shows. I was on a kick for awhile watching The Andy Griffith Show. I had mentioned it to a few friends and found out that a lot more people watch that show than I had first thought. I told a close friend of mine that I might do a podcast based around The Andy Griffith Show and thought it was a fantastic idea, because he loved the show too. We went back on forth on what the different content could be and ideas.

Then I started doing some research on the show. I thought maybe one day, I could get someone on the podcast that had something to do with the show or was on the show. Only problem?... Everyone is dead.. sadly. Well, maybe not everyone, but anyone who was an adult on the show anyway.

I also found that there is a following for The Andy Griffith Show, but they are mostly boomers and older people. I wanted to reach out to my generation. Generation X! Maybe I was on the wrong path of a podcast idea.

So, two days before recording my first episode of "Welcome To Mayberry" podcast, with my friend that helped me come up with idea, I changed it last minute to The Brady Bunch.

It just hit me one day as I was driving in my car. I thought, "Yes! The Brady Bunch!" It's an iconic show, it has a cult following, and my generation can relate to it! So, I started doing research. I found that there were no podcasts dedicated to the iconic show, well, there was one, but it only had one episode and it was almost two years old. Just every idea I had fell into place.

Of course, once I told my friend that I had switched the podcast from "Welcome to Mayberry" to "A Very Brady Podcast" he was less than thrilled... But he did the episode with me anyway and was a good sport.

So far, the podcast is going great and I am pleased with the numbers. I'm only a few episodes in, but I'm excited to grow this show.

-Tach Van Sickle

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